Original: Ankur Ranjan Phukan
Translation: Bibekananda Choudhury

I am not Newton just because my wheatish tresses are little  longer than intellectual measure
The fallen fruits is a pear, not an apple.
Haf the budding era of story risen to renaissance
Perhaps the back of the porcupine been smooth
I or some other greedy person would have bitten the pear to its stem
Could have handed maybe even one drop of anti-oxidant to someone suffering from abject poverty
Had my mental health been well, I'd not have blabbered those 'would have been's

Last night as I burrowed to break into a house
I learnt pear is also the favourite fruit of Seeta
Urmila of global poet is more pure that Seeta
The porcupine dashing from the desert is still stuck in the nursery book

Such past-love is not good, at least let me construct so that I can't be ignored

The pear is still half-ripe
There is another meaning recorded in an accident dictionary of a possible language
Pear: a feminist fruit

(In Assamese pear is naspati- nas means to dance, pati is husband. So a husband who dances- a henpecked one)
Ankur Ranjan Phukan


The many folds in the umbrella till it was ironed by the rain, that much pure is
the light of saklong diya. The ghansarai memorising tamol folded by forgetfulness
savoury or bitter? Whatever be it, 'Give us one too.'

The slanted scattered image on the mirror, as it had been enjoying fluid
gymnastics in the middle-aged railing, whom did it suddenly say, 'Only those coloured juicy saliva is what matters.'

The umbrella is already open, as if an immature joke

It is perhaps irrelevant to translate event.

I don't have any compassion to the extra finger of the one for whom is the boiling milk borrowing the heat from nought. Perhaps irrelevant.

The fluid gymnastics enjoyed alone. All the prohibited scats are airless.

Relevant- irrelevant
Dialectic sometime ahead of thought
Perhaps not dialectic, dichotomy

Leave these theories, though thinly attended
Let the marriage be over , give me a ghansarai * tamol**
My only umbrella, suffering from cold
Let it remain in its folds.

(**Tamol- a mouth freshener chew comprising of arecaunt, betel leaf, a little lime and optionally a small quantity of tobacco; it is offered as a mark of respect to any visitor, and forms a part of every ritual
*ghansarai- ghansurika-sparrow, sarai-bird; in a folk song, the sparrow is asked to bring a tamol)

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