Two poems of Ajit Gogoi

Translated by Bibekananda Choudhury

Nose and Tongue 

The ones too sensitive to their noses 
Are totally intolerant of other's tongues!

In this land, so many tongues got severed 
Talking about intolerance.

The tongue has now turned all-devouring 
It is present in the eyes-hearts-fingers of many.

The ones too sensitive of noses 
Have got their noses severed now.

"Naak Aaru Jibba" original unpublished 

Bed of illusion 

This bed of illusion 
Is made on a hundred petals 
Scattered from the hundred petalled one ( lotus).

Father, your navel-lotus stings me like a thorn.

I do not enjoy this watery siesta.
I want to come back to my senses,
Would like to create 
The four categories of lifeforms
Of the universe 
All anew.

Though you are shining in your
Cosmic form 
You are our fosterer
Is fostering the ultimate responsibility, Father?

I am puzzled and confused with the many faces-
If in one face there is greed, in the other, desire 
This one is goaded by lust, the other beckoned by anger,
I am deluged by all the evils of the world.

Endow me with one face 
Just one face 
To concentrate on one entity 
To sing the song of unity.

Liberate me from these pains 
Liberate me from myself. 

Put me into the womb 
Of your dearest lady.

"Maya-xajya" in prakash 

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