Original Assamese (old) by Purushuttam Das

Translated by Dr Bipul Baruah

Art by Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha

Triumph and Victory to the gateway of Vaikunth , The Bratadrawa shrine,

At that very site our utmost own Guru

Like the Sun has risen to shine.

At that very site Guru has devotedly

Established the holy sthana,

And he merchandised successfully

The extraordinary jewel, the Rama nama.

At the centre there exists stepping stone

And Namaghar stands southward,

Sankara Guru has got settled and shone

Building Manikuta and his homestead.

He built a number of house- forms

For theatrical performances

And painted and showed backdrops

With signs of all seven Vaikunths.

Towards west direction look at

The leaning tree of 'xhilikha'

Our Guru used it as backrest

While compiling numerous 'lekha'.

Looking northward one will find

The Akakhiganga, the pool of devotion

At the verge of midnight which has been

By Shreemanta Sankara brought down.

In all four directions array of huts stood

Which were belonged to devotees

They participated in fourteen renderings

Called choidhya prasanga of namas.

At that holy shrine Guru of our utmost own

Lived and manifested innate brilliance

And the description has been made by

Purushuttam Das, the servant of servants.


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