Translation of the original texts of Bishnu Rabha-1, 2


Translation of the original texts of Bishnu Rabha:

Translated by: Archana Gita Saikia
Department of Political Science
North Lakhimpur College (A)


What will be the woman’s problem?


The woman is at the bottom of all today. Religion, society, politician, and government have thrown women in the bottom line. Today the woman class has nothing of their own. They’ve lost their freedom. And women can not work at will. Can not hang out, can not study, can not write. They can’t eat, wear, stay, deliver a speech, participate in political discussion, they can’t sing, dance and act. The women are confined to the house today. Religion asks not to believe in women. Society says women should always be substandard. According to politics, women get freedom only to become coolie1 in factories.



What is the use of socialism? 

If socialism is there, the government, factories, and science will come into the hands of the people. The rich who hurt the poor will be taken away by the people from their panchayat with the help of their government. The people will take the factories out of the hands of the rich and produce from more land in less time with the help of the factories. This will enable them to live peacefully by wearing and feeding themselves happily. Will get time, leisure to think like a good man.

Capitalism -  with the help of the law, and by taking away rice from the mouths of thousands of children and fill one’s children’s mouths, making one’s children wear clothes by taking away from other thousands of children, breaking the houses of thousands and building a house for one, increasing one’s wealth by pushing the boundaries of the thousands of ridge. Making more money by evading thousands, constructing factories with more money and use the coolies at low cost, gaining a lot of profit by selling factory items at a higher price- these tactics are called capitalism. The rich have governments, police-military, law courts, markets, mill factories, and societies in their hands.


Socialism- true society means the society of farmers and workers. The one who cultivates by plowing is called a farmer. The one who works in the factory is called a worker. These farmers and workers have saved society. They are the backbone of society. The workers provide oil, salt, yarn, clothes, trains, motors, aircraft, weapons to all the people. the workers make chopper, ax, hoe, plowshare, etc like blacksmiths. The farmers take them and build houses. They provide rice to society by cultivating. They keep society alive. But the farmers and the workers today do not get to eat like the rich. If they don’t have government, factories, science in their hands, there can be no peace of farmers-workers. So unless the poor caste takes over the government, factories, and science in the hands of the society, the misery of the society does not go away. Because today’s society is about farmers-workers and the poor. Socialism will happen only if the government, factories, and science come into the hands of the people.


Socialism is called the 'farmers-workers panchayat'.

‘Tribal’ is an English term. It is the adjective of the word ‘tribe’. Tribe means a dominant race, which had a place once in history, which has not yet been able to give up the primitive culture-civilization in this 20th century, a nation that has not yet been imprinted by the civilization of the 20th century, a race which can not keep pace with the civilization of the 20th century is still underdeveloped-the same nation is the tribe or the indigenous people. In Assamese, tribals are called subspecies(tribe). After independence, the name of this tribe is also tribal.  Since 1935, Rabha, Bodo, Miri, Mikir, Lalung, Deuri, Gado, Khamti, Dimasa, Sonowal, Thengal, Naga, Khasiya, Lusai, Kuki, Tipara- the group of these castes is called tribal caste in Assam.


Nationalism is a main part of capitalism. The key principle of nationalism is- one country, one nation, one soul.. when the people of India woke up to the national movement of the congress of India chanting ‘Vande Mataram with the principle of one country one nation one soul- the British throne was shaken by the Indian nationalism despite religion. The diplomatic political men of the English rose to defend India, a large part of their empire. In a state of unintelligence, they resorted to prof. Kupland, a wealthy diplomatic political scholar. The kupland policy was to divide and run the rule. The English rulers got the chance with such a policy postulate. The then British prime minister was Ramje McDonald Sahab. He then sent some people with a member of the parliament, sir John Simon, to India with the name Simon commission. As soon as the Simon Commission came to India, the people of the country raised an uproar to boycott the commission. The clever rulers of the English lured the underdeveloped communities under Hindus and Muslims with the lure of convenience. The Simon commission also came to Assam. The British lured some of the leaders of the primitive castes like Bodo, Kasari, Rabha, Muslims, and backward Hindus and arranged for them to felicitate the Simon commission from Assam. The Simon commission returned to foreign (England) and submitted a report. There were three round table meetings in foreign. Communal demon speculation continued. Gandhi’s hunger strike leads to the Poona deal. Finally, in 1935, the ‘Indian rule act’ was enacted in India. Accordingly, there has been a different change in the political sphere of India. The same thing happened in Assam. Rabha, Bodo, Kasari, Lalung, Miri, Mikir, Dewri, Thengal, Sonowal, Garo, Naga, Khamti, Lusai, Dimasa, Kuki, Tipra etc became different in the name of tribal caste. Nath, yogi, Kaivarta, Hari, Hira, Dom, Namasudra, etc were included in a planned procedure. Hindu and Muslim became the two main castes. Assam’s nationalism shattered. The Assamese nation became weakened. 

This tribal nation was born in the womb of British wealthy imperialism. So they save the interests of capitalism or imperialism more than themselves. The tribal union was established to benefit this tribal nation. It has been sixteen years today that the tribal union has been unable to find any special welfare for the poor backward tribal nation. Because today the leaders of the tribal union have brought the tribal swaying, making poor people to their side with the hope of happiness, peace, and liberation and establishing their leadership on the tribal class and with their strong leadership, the tribal they push the poor people into the law-machine of the rich class who saves the riches and kills the poor. Because, like other parties such as congress, Muslim league, socialist party, forward bloc, tribal league or unions also mean this pressure-squeezed law machine. Moreover, it should be noted that the tribal nation was born only to save capitalism and imperialism. The tribal union can never be the good or well-being of the poor underdeveloped tribal nation, rather it is the rich class that can have interests and goodness.

 That is why even people like Rupnath Brahma, such an honest and good man have sat on the minister’s throne for so long, why have they not been able to attain the welfare of the tribal nation even today? In his village- Wabari, where people still get to eat one meal, and not another, Brahma has not been able to attain welfare to his village, not been able to bring peace and happiness of his village, how will he attain the happiness and peace of 30 lakh tribals of Assam? He can’t do well with the tribals in any way. Because he means the law. That law is an oil-spilling machine. Unless the rich’s spilling machine law is broken, the tribal people’s happiness, peace, and independence can not happen. It takes a revolution to break the law machine of the rich. That revolution will destroy capitalism, break the law machine. Will establish socialism, people will be the king and the kindreds will flow the stream of the Ganges, - farmers-workers-panchayats will be heaven….


This is the socialist revolution…

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