Hiren Bhattacharyya's poem in English translations

Original Assamese poem by Revered poet Hiren Bhattacharyya


Translated by Dr Bipul Kumar Baruah


Seasons on Poetic Depiction


1. Monsoon


Mellowing tune of flute of wind

Has blown athrough the Sal forest.

Wind of monsoon is as if a tragic lover

Whose bosom is full of benign smiles

Of sorrows and of joys as well.


2. Winter


Leaves have fallen.

With their bare bodies trees are sunbathing.

Sunbeams falling on dried up meadows

Are looking like embroidered silk.

At far behind

The riverine tune of solitude

Is embracing the hill looking like

The vying  pair of buffalo horns.


3. Spring


Oh there tinkles the rattle!

Carrying letters towards Chenimora garden

Has hurridly walked passed the postman.

Tinted kersieves adorn

Twigs and brunches of  trees.

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